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Changes to BS5534

Learn all about the changes to BS5534, the Code of Practice for Tiling & Slating

Added October 2014

The new BS5534 Code of Practice was published in August 2014. The old standard can no longer be used, and there are a number of significant changes that affect all of us as suppliers and contractors.
1/ Mechanical Fixing of Ridge & Hip Tiles

The new COP states that mortar alone cannot be used to fix ridges and hips. So, even if mortar is used, the ridges and hips must also be mechanically fixed. If mortar is used in conjunction with an additional nail fixing this still doesn't prevent the risk of the mortar failing and could still result in costly repair work. A simple way of avoiding all the hassle is therefore to use a modern dry-fix solution instead.

We stock various solutions for just this purpose and will be happy to recommend suitable products for your project.

2/ Tile Fixings

The new Code significantly increases the minimum fixing requirements for roof tiles. For example, all single lapped roof tiles on a roof now need to be mechanically fixed. Tiles at the perimeters must have a minimum of two fixings. We will be pleased to help you with any queries on fixings that you may have.

3/ Underlays

The new Code of Practice introduces a new test on underlays to ensure that in onerous conditions the underlay does not "balloon" against the underside of the tiles, or that the laps do not "burst". A new labelling system has been introduced by the manufacturers to show which underlays can be used for different batten gauges. Anderson Roofing Supplies only stocks products that are fit for purpose in this geographic area.


For advice on any of the changes, please do not hesitate to talk to us or pick up information on our counter from the manufacturers.



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