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Reclaim Products

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about any of these products.


Reclaim ProductsReclaim Tiles

Reclaim Roofing Products

Whether you are designing and building a new property or restoring an old one, you will want the building to have a settled and established look and blend in with the local vernacular.

If you have to conform to listed building regulations you will often find that new tiles are too bright and regular to meet these requirements. Reclaimed tiles may give the finish you are looking for.

There are no standard stock lines so you will need to visit or contact us to see what is currently available. We offer very competitive pricing on all products.

Reclaim tiles include continuous nib clay plain tiles, concrete and clay pantiles, concrete and natural slates and 2nd hand fittings.

We normally have a wide selection of 2nd hand fittings in stock and will always endeavour to match your requirements.

 Typical products include:

  • Angle Ridge
  • Arris & Bonnet Hips
  • External & Internal Angles
  • Half Round Ridge
  • Valley Tiles
  • Ornamental Ridge & Finials
  • Chimney Pots

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